Our Services

Signature Tool designs, builds, and repairs tooling for milling, drilling, boring, facing, broaching and chamfering.


Our specialized design team has over 50 years experience in the cutting tool industry. We offer a complete Design and Build service ranging from large scale start-up projects to altered standards. We will Design and Build custom tools to your specific requirements and provide drawings for your set-up and maintenance. We can also reverse engineer your existing tools when no drawings are available and build top quality replacements. From Tool Holders to Milling Cutters, Boring Bars to Generating Heads we can supply the tooling you need to meet your production requirements.


  • cylinder head
  • cylinder bore
  • engine block
  • transmission case clutch housing
  • bearing cap
  • exhaust manifold
  • intake manifold
  • differential carrier
  • connecting rod tooling

    In the cutting tool industry, continuous production is of the utmost importance. Machine downtime can be extremely costly, affecting profits and commitments.

  • lower your tooling cost
  • we repair all makes of special & standard tooling
  • quick turn around when required
  • repair 'blankets' for tool maintenance programs
  • Tools are refurbished to original specifications by a qualified staff of engineering and machining professionals. Send us your damaged tooling for a 'No Obligation' estimate and we will let you weigh the benefits.

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